August 1, 2012

T-ara Concert Delayed Until End of Year

Girlband, Kpop idol, T-ara solo concert in Korea 'Jewerly Box' planned to be held next August 11. But now the concert was postponed / delayed until the end of the year.

The decision was taken after discussions between the T-ara with CEO Kim Kwang Soo. T-ara decided not to appear first in front of fans for a while.

"Personnel of T-ara and Kwang Soo Kim had talked and agreed because all that happens, they will not be able to display the image of a cheerful, fun, and positive in front of fans. They were asked to postpone the concert until they can show a better image to the fans , "the agency quoted a press release from T-ara Core Contents Media, Wednesday (01/08/2012).

Concert tickets already sold will be returned to ticket buyers. Announcement of the return ticket will be announced later on the website Interpark ticket purchase.

Thus, T-ara certainly would not appear in public until an undetermined time limit. They also had to cancel the entire schedule in August.

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