November 25, 2013

Ha Ji Won is Preparing To Debut in Hollywood

Ha Ji Won - learning English language and American culture

Kpop Idol, Actress Ha Ji Won is busy undergoing the process of filming his latest drama 'Empress Ki'. In between activities, she still took time to prepare for her Hollywood debut.

"Ha Ji Won is working hard to learn English language and American culture," said the management representative as reported Enews World on Friday (11/22/13).

November 3, 2013

Heechul SuJu: "HyunA is the Idol for All Kpop Boyband Members"

All Kpop boyband members like HyunA

On 'Ssul Jeon', kpop idol Heechul 'SuJu' reveal the secret of a member of 4Minute, HyunA.

"All Kpop boyband members like HyunA," said Heechul. He also mentions the phenomenon as 'HyunA Syndrome' (Oct 31th, 2013).

Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Have Been Dating For A Month

Relationship rumor between kpop idolsMoon Geun Young and Kim Bum have been heard since they starred in the series 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi'. Moon Geun Young's management issued an official statement and confirmed the news.

September 26, 2013

Kris 'EXO' Still Wants to be a Basketball Player

"If I had to live a normal guy I would be a basketball player."

Before joined, and made ​​his debut under the name EXO along with 11 other members, kpop idol Kris EXO apparently wants to be a basketball player.

In an interview with IZE, Kris revealed his desire. If he is given the opportunity to run a normal life and not be an artist, basketball player is to be chosen.

September 15, 2013

EXO - Growl Lyric

Kpop idol, EXO - Growl Lyric

[Tao] Yo! Okay!

[Kai] Neo hogshi molla gyeonggo haneunde
([Xiumin] Jaldeureo)
[Kai] Jigeum wiheomhae
([Xiumin] So Dangerous!)

[Sehun] Jakku nareul jageug hajima
([Xiumin] Keunilla)
[Sehun] Nado nal molla

September 11, 2013

G-Dragon Proud Because Collaborate with Missy Elliott

Released his second album, Coup D'e Tat, kpop idol G-Dragon collaborated with one of the world famous rapper, Missy Elliott. The leader of Big Bang felt very proud to have the opportunity to duet with the senior American rapper.

Kpop idol G-Dragon revealed his feeling in a press conference at CAIS Gallery, Chungdam-dong, Seoul at the opening of the exhibition 'Space 8'. Not just about Missy Elliot, G-Dragon also shared his experience in collaborating with many musicians.

August 14, 2013

B.A.P's Photos At The School Period (Student)

Long before do their activities as kpop idol, all B.A.P's members certainly ever spent time as a school student. How are the photos of the B.A.P's members in their school years?

Kpop idol Kim Himchan looks unique. With white uniforms, Himchan arching his hand on his waist and smiling. His hair style is also much different now.

August 9, 2013

Girls Generation Jakarta Concert Ticket Sale Start at Rp 600 Thousands

Kpop girlband, Girls Generation / SNSD will hold a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on 14 September 2013. Concert tickets are priced starts from Rp 600 thousands.

Through promoter Dyandra Entertainment on Twitter (08/06/2013), the concert 2013 Girls Generation World Tour - Girls & Peace - In Jakarta is divided into six classes. Green Class, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Red, and Premium Red.

SM Entertainment Build Kpop Museum in United States

In the near future, SM Entertainment will build the SMTOWN Museum in Los Angeles, United States.

SMTOWN Museum will be built in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles. Since a long time, the agency is headed by Lee Soo Man is already has plans to build a Kpop museum in the United States in order American people can know more close Kpop.

July 19, 2013

Psy in the Same Agency with Lady Gaga

Kpop idol, Psy is currently running a serious activity in the United States. Under the management of YG Entertainment in Korea, Psy activities in America will be managed by the same agency with Lady Gaga.

Kpop idol Psy reportedly officially joined the agency William Morris Endeavor (WME). Some media such as The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard also reports that the singer of Gangnam Style has been moved from its previous agency Creative Artists Agency to WME.

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