April 1, 2012

SM Entertainment Denies Rumors of Jessica SNSD Plastic Surgery

jessica snsd girls generation plastic surgery
Once again, personnel of Girlband Kpop Idol, SNSD been accused of plastic surgery. This time, Jessica's turn to in a few last pictures look more chubby.

Rumors of Plastic surgery originated from a number of photos of Jessica's last concert in Malaysia. In the photo contains a highly visible cheek than ever before.

Previously Jessica has always looked very thin. Her cheeks were never chubby so alleged plastic surgery was immediately circulated widely.

SM Entertainment SNSD agency directly refute it. They claimed Jessica getting fat because of the activity that was not too crowded.

"She certainly did not do plastic surgery. Jessica previously had a very intensive schedule so she is skinny. But now she is fine and gained weight because they can rest more," said SM Entertainment spokesman on Thursday (29 / 3/2012).

Nowadays SNSD is already not too busy with concerts and promo album. Jessica had just completed filming the drama 'Wild Romance' so she had plenty of time to rest.

SM Entertainment Denies Rumors of Jessica SNSD Plastic Surgery

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