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Family Confirmed that Jonghyun 'SHINee' Died due to Suicide

Jonghyun 'SHINee' Died due to Suicide His Brother Has Confirmed About That Gangnam police have confirmed the death of Jonghyun 'SHINee'. His brother also confirmed the news that Jonghyun died due to suicide.

Quoted from Koreaboo, Monday (18/12) Jonghyun's brother was already contacted the police since at 16:42 local time. In his report, he said that Jonghyun is trying to commit suicide.
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These 2017 KPOP Music Videos are Viewed Under 1 Million Times!

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Best Moment - BTS Became a Guest Star on 'The Ellen Show'

BTS Funny Moment The Ellen Show When BTS became a guest star on 'The Ellen Show', suddenly Ellen asked what made BigHit Entertainment's boyband members shocked.

As reported on Tuesday, (28/11/2017) the leader, RM showed his ability in English language to Ellen after the introduction with all members of the BTS.

#HappyChanyeolDay Liven up 25th Birthday of Chanyeol 'EXO'

Chanyeol's 25th birthday #HappyChanyeolDay become trending topic worldwide Member of KPOP boyband 'EXO', Park Chanyeol celebrates his 25th birthday (for international age). He also became a trending topic on Twitter.

As reported on Monday (27/11/2017), EXO-L celebrates with hashtag #HappyChanyeolDay.

Hyukoh's Concern During a Career in Indie Korean Music

Hyukoh - Indie band, South Korea More famous, do they still have concerns? In a round table interview held on Sunday (26/11/2017) at the Juni Concert office, South Jakarta, Indonesia, Oh Hyuk Cs revealed the changes they felt when their band became known by the public.

Hyukoh admits feeling the good influence as well as the bad influence that continues to haunt them.

EXO Will Concert in Jakarta On Feb 2016

EXO'luXion' Concert Jakarta, Feb 2016 Success with the first concert of 'The Lost Planet' in 2014, EXO will perform their second tour titled 'THE EXO'luXion'. Jakarta is certain to be one of the place.

Announced by promoter Mecima Pro via Twitter, EXO will come to Jakarta in February 2016.

"[CONFIRMED] EXO PLANET # 2 - THE EXO'luXion - in Jakarta DATE: 2016 FEB 27th (SAT) VENUE: ICE - BSD CITY #EXOLUXIONINA," they wrote on Sunday (03/01/2015) night.

Eun Ji Won was Rushed to the Hospital

Eun Ji Won's Health Vomiting Blood

Kpop idol Eun Ji Won's health was in poor condition. Former members of boyband Sechskies were popular in the 90s was suddenly rushed to hospital after vomiting blood.

Management SS Entertainment announced on Thursday (09/10/2015), Eun Ji Won vomiting blood after constantly coughing. He was immediately taken to hospital after the incident.