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Surrounded by Fans, Luhan EXO-M Fell at The Airport

luhan exo-m
The fans are excited to welcome the arrival of Kpop idol, Luhan Exo-M in the airport because they want to see their idol.

If security is not adequate, managers often have to yell ferociously to ask fans to back off. Luhan EXO-M had an accident and be a victim of fans today at the airport.

This morning, Tuesday (07/08/2012) SHINee and EXO has just returned from Japan after SM Town Tokyo 4 and 5 August. From the video recordings owned MyDaily, they are greeted by boisterous fans at the airport Gimpo, Korea.

When out of the airport doors, there are very solid crowd of fans. Either tripped or by other causes, Luhan suddenly fell. Fortunately, there is Baekhyun beside him who immediately help Luhan up.

Luhan looked startled for a moment but then the manager kept him to his car. The managers also clamoring to get rid of fans from around the car.

Surrounded by Fans, Luhan EXO-M Fell at The Airport

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