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Anna Kubo, The Model Who Making Out with Seungri Bigbang

Kpop idol, Maknae Seungri Bigbang make a scene after a scandal video showing him hugging and being kissed by model Anna Kubo circulated. Who is Anna Kubo?

Not much is known from Anna. From her personal website, she was born in Oita, Japan. She was then became model in Tokyo.

Anna Kubo then expanded to Hong Kong and moved there. In Hong Kong, she became primary model for Sony digital cameras.

Together with kpop idolSeungri, Anna played the Japanese drama 'The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case'. Both were caught on camera dinner and karaoke until the early hours after filming the drama.

In that scandal video, Anna Kubo allegedly drunk. She continued to hug and kiss kpop idolSeungri Bigbang. (detikhot)

Watch Seungri - Anna Kubo Scandal Video

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Anna Kubo, The Model Who Making Out with Seungri Bigbang

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