May 13, 2012

Kim Bum Will Release His First Album In Japan

kim bum
Besides having talent in acting, Kpop idol Kim Bum was also good at singing. He will release his first album in Japan, 20 June.

"There will be seven songs in the album," the agency said on Friday (05/11/2012).

Although Kim Sang Beom came from Korea, but the songs on his first album was in Japanese. Therefore, he is also rumored to be more frequent travel to Japan.

"Kim Bum will sing in Japanese. He would also frequently to Japan to promote his album in a special event and showcase," the agency added.

Previously, the man who was born July 7, 1989 it has also contributed his voice to the soundtrack of the movie 'Boys Over Flowers'. He also briefly served as musician in drama 'Still, Marry Me'.

Kim Bum Will Release His First Album In Japan

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