May 6, 2012

Seohyun SNSD Feels No Need A Boyfriend Yet

seohyun snsd girls generation
Kpop idol, Seohyun Girls Generation (SNSD) always look nice so judged difficult to have a boyfriend. Her colleagues at SM Entertainment also seems to be very protective of the youngest SNSD's.

Leeteuk 'Super Junior' stated Seohyun will be difficult to have a boyfriend because of her innocence. "I do not need a boyfriend right now," said Seohyun in the episode 'Byung Joo Jin Concert Talk' on Friday (05/04/2012).

It was considered reasonable. Due to her activity in TaeTiSeo and SNSD, Seohyun may not have been thought to have a boyfriend. But she was always a oppa (older brother) is the most beloved.

The first is Shim Jae Won. Jae Won is a choreographed number 1 in SM Entertainment. While in the second position Seohyun answered Leeteuk. What about Yonghwa, Seohyun?

Seohyun SNSD Feels No Need A Boyfriend Yet

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