May 7, 2012

Sora Aoi Ready to Become a Singer (Kpop Idol) at Korea

sora aoi
Japanese adult film star, Sora Aoi is ready to expand to South Korea. This time, she would become a singer (Kpop Idol). Sora is reportedly preparing for her debut at South Korea. She also will be filming a video clip in the Ilsan, Korea.

"Sora is not only an actress but also a model at Japan. She plans to sing her debut at Korea soon. Preparation will begin on May 7. She will also shoot video clips at a nightclub at Ilsan area," said a spokeswoman for Sora, Monday (7 / 5/2012).

At music videos, Sora will sing and dance with the dance group Love Cubic. Love Cubic is 5 women with the ability to dance is very good and popular in recent years.

However, there are also rumors circulating that Sora will not be a singer. But will only sing for an advertisement in Korea. What do you think?

Sora Aoi Ready to Become a Singer (Kpop Idol) at Korea

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