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Minho SHINee Ever Date 5 Minutes with Kim Ji Won


Blind date turned out to have also done by Kpop idol, personnel SHINee, Minho. He even had a date with a beautiful actress Kim Ji Won. Wow!

Unfortunately, a date that did not last long. Even very short, which is only 5 minutes away. The reason, they should quickly go to another event.

Minho SHINee and Ji Won paired by the director of the drama Romantic Heaven, Jang Jin. Kim Ji Won was initially rejected because she did not have time. But she finally met her date who turns Minho.

"I come to a film premiere and I saw a beautiful woman. I then realized that she was actress Kim Ji Won," Minho said in SBS 'Strong Heart', Wednesday (29/08/2012).

"We met for about 5 minutes, but later separated. We meet again in the drama 'To The Beautiful You'. It was awkward because that blind date incident," said Ji Won. (Soompi)

Minho SHINee Ever Date 5 Minutes with Kim Ji Won

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