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Psy in the Same Agency with Lady Gaga

Kpop idol, Psy is currently running a serious activity in the United States. Under the management of YG Entertainment in Korea, Psy activities in America will be managed by the same agency with Lady Gaga.

Kpop idol Psy reportedly officially joined the agency William Morris Endeavor (WME). Some media such as The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard also reports that the singer of Gangnam Style has been moved from its previous agency Creative Artists Agency to WME.

Friday (19/07/13), via WME Psy will expand his musical career. Not only that, Psy intend to try another field, namely industrial films, television, commercials, books, and digital media. Psy recently accompanied Lee Byung Hun in the red carpet premiere of the movie 'Red 2' which also starred by Bruce Willis.

Scooter Braun will officially become manager of kpop idol Psy / Park Jae Sang for his activities in the United States while YG Entertainment remains the Psy management in Korea. Psy will soon release a new album in September, following the success of hits 'Gentleman' which was released last April. (Ten Asia)
Psy in the Same Agency with Lady Gaga

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