August 15, 2012

HaHa And Byul To Be Married On November 30

Kpop idol, HaHa and Byul ready to get married on November 30th. The two have known each other for 8 years. Therefore, HaHa and Byul immediately decided to get married without dating for long.

HaHa admitted that he had been wanting to get married. In recent interviews he also said he wants get married as soon as possible. HaHa want to have a happy family and live a more regular basis.

"To be honest when I started aged 30 years, plus the influence of senior and my friends, I've decided to focus on forming a happy family. I'm thinking about marriage, wanting to get married quickly, stable, and have a comfortable life," said HaHa, Wednesday (15/8/2012).

From the beginning, HaHa seems to have had the feeling to be married by Byul. He was finally asked Byul married instead of dating.

"I want to get married and start a family soon. For a long time I was kidding on Byul 'You will end up marrying me." Because we were both single, I invite Byul to get married instead of dating, "he explained.

Byul known as a ballad singer. She fills some drama soundtracks like 'I Think I Love You' for the drama series Rain and Song Hye Gyo 'Full House' in 2004.

HaHa And Byul To Be Married On November 30

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