August 18, 2012

Won Bin Still Refusing to Play Drama

Kpop idol, Won Bin has been 10 years no take part in a television drama. Offered a drama again, Won Bin refused. Previously, he states had agreed to appear in the drama is scheduled to be aired next year. At that time, he reportedly was learning the drama storyline. But finally, Won Bin decided to not continue.

"Won Bin choose to not appear in the drama written by Noh Heekyung and directed by Kim Kyutae, although he was very optimistic on that one," said a spokeswoman for the drama Koreaboo reported on Thursday (8/16/2012).

Won Bin last appeared in the television drama Friends in 2002. Then he starred in some films and became an ads model.

Won Bin Still Refusing to Play Drama

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