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Taeyang Never Have Dinner For Keeping His Body Shape

taeyang bigbang body shape

Kpop idol, Taeyang 'Big Bang' is known to always run healthy life. He does not drink alcohol and always maintained his body shape. Taeyang admitted trying to work out every day when he was in Korea. If do not have time, he will dance to keep his muscles.

"In Korea, if possible, I exercise every day. But in Japan, I do not have much time so I usually do not exercise at all. I like to dance, maybe because it's also always trained my muscles," said Taeyang.

Taeyang just do not have any restrictions. He just trying not to to eat dinner daily. "For eating habits, I do not hate anything. I just always try not to to eat at the night. I only eat beef rice bowl every morning," he said.

Taeyang Never Have Dinner For Keeping His Body Shape

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