January 29, 2012

Joon 'MBLAQ' Does not Want to Have Twitter Account

joon mblaq
Twitter has become the most convenient medium for a public idols to communicate with their fans. But not so with kpop idol, Lee Joon.

Until now, among the personnel MBLAQ, only Joon who does not have a Twitter account. He claimed to Twitter is not a suitable place for him.

"Twitter is not in line with my personality. I can not handle the fans well," said Joon, Thursday (01/26/2012).

Joon admitted that he was ashamed if he should be too much chatting with fans. But he will remain friendly if met A + (call for fans MBLAQ).

"I do not know why I find it hard to talk with fans. I can not because of too shy. But I always try to treat fans well when they met. I also want to be close to them," he explained.

Joon 'MBLAQ' Does not Want to Have Twitter Account

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