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Sungha Jung Wants Collaborate with Bigbang

sungha jung
Some Kpop idol Bigbang songs like Blue, Bad Boy, Haru Haru, and other songs have been Sungha Jung brought back through his guitar. Apparently he is one of Bigbang fans.

Fortunately, Sungha Jung had the opportunity to collaborate with G-Dragon, Bigbang leader in the song 'That XX'. Previously, he had also collaborated with 2NE1 in the song Lonely and I Love You.

"Bigbang and 2NE1 are two kpop idols that I liked., And yesterday I had to collaborate with G-Dragon alone. So, I want to collaborate with all personnel Bigbang," he told a news conference at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday (16 / 11/2012).

"Now I like the song 'Monster' Bigbang and 'Payphone' Maroon 5. I also like my own song entitled 'Irony'," said the boy was born 2 September 1996. (Detikhot)

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Sungha Jung Wants Collaborate with Bigbang

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