January 15, 2012

Knee injury, Junsu '2 PM' Treated in Hospital

junsu 2pm knee injury at hospital
Korean Kpop idol once again suffered an injury because of their work. This time it was the oldest member of 2PM, Kim Junsu to be hospitalized because of his knee injury.

The news came first from Hong Q who visited Junsu in the hospital. He is posting photos of himself and Junsu who lay complete with hospital pajamas and infusion.

"Junsu, quick heal your knees so that you can shuffle dance again. Do not hurt when the new year," said Hong Q, Friday (13/01/2012).

He then added a little info about the injuries suffered by Junsu. It seems quite severe because Junsu had to undergo surgery.

"The condition of his knee so bad that when he has time, he had surgery," said Hong Q.

Not known what caused the knee injury. Both Junsu and his agency JYP Entertainment has not provided any information.

Knee injury, Junsu '2 PM' Treated in Hospital

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