January 21, 2012

Taeyang 'Big Bang' Become a Producer of Se7en

taeyang and se7en
Since releasing solo album, Kpop Idol Taeyang 'Big Bang' has begun to write songs that he sang himself. This time, he took part in his senior's album, Se7en.

With Teddy from YG Entertainment, Taeyang helped producing and wrote Se7en's new single. Single titled 'Somebody Else' will mark the comeback Se7en in Japan.

This is the first time Taeyang become a producer for other singers. 'Somebody Else' is an R & B songs that reportedly can show unique style of Se7en.

One day before release, 'Somebody Else' have occupied the charts in Japan. The song is in position number 1 Pre-Sale Tower Records Chart.

"Se7en now in Japan to promote his new single. He will be very busy with television programs and interviews with magazines. He will also meet Japanese fans," said a spokeswoman for YG Entertainment.

Taeyang 'Big Bang' Being a Producer of Se7en

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