August 15, 2012

After the Accident, Soyeon T-ara Go Back Filming Drama

soyeun t-ara
Personnel of girlband Kpop idol, T-ara, Soyeon become victim of the accident on Monday (8/13/2012). But even though her car reportedly hit a road divider and overturned, the injury is not too bad.

The proof of this day, Soyeon will have begun again to undergo the process of filming the drama. Soyeon is currently starring in the KBS drama series, Haeundae Lovers.

However, the KBS said it would be cautious for fear of Soyeon conditions. They also hope that filming could run smoothly.

"Soyeon will return today. We plan to continue shooting with caution. If the shooting day is over, the episode could be aired as scheduled on August 20 and 21 without difficulty," said a spokesman for KBS, Wednesday (15/8/2012 ).

Soyeon's accident was undoubtedly some of the parties. Especially when the photos were in the hospital Soyeon outstanding. Many consider the agency Hwayoung only divert the issue of bullying by taking public sympathy over the accident. Anyway, get well soon Soyeon!

After the Accident, Soyeon T-ara Go Back Filming Drama

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