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Eun Ji Won was Rushed to the Hospital

Eun Ji Won's Health

Vomiting Blood


Kpop idol Eun Ji Won's health was in poor condition. Former members of boyband Sechskies were popular in the 90s was suddenly rushed to hospital after vomiting blood.

Management SS Entertainment announced on Thursday (09/10/2015), Eun Ji Won vomiting blood after constantly coughing. He was immediately taken to hospital after the incident.

"The doctor said there is a lung infection. He had to undergo a thorough check-up and the results will be released on Saturday," said the management.

Eun Ji Won was very active in the TV show KBS 2TV 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'. Fatigue when filming make his health has declined.

"He did have a problem with his lungs. When filming is no problem with his health. Fortunately, there is nothing too serious. Eun Ji Won said he would be fine after treatment," said management. (detikhot)

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