August 1, 2012

HaHa Be Mad After End With His Girlfriend

Kpop Idol, Rapper and fixed member Running Man, HaHa always thought like a child. However, he also claimed to have involved scandal.

At the age of 34, HaHa still has a nickname Haroro (HaHa Pororo). Pororo is animated figures of children in Korea.

"Even at my age of 34 I was referred to the 'children' or 'Haroro'. But if you really know me, I was often involved in the scandal," he said, Tuesday (31/07/2012).

In addition to image such as children, HaHa also known as a playboy. It's easy to express love in the artist that he considered beautiful. Who would have thought, when a broken heart can be dropped HaHa.

"Actually, after I broke up, I lived like a madman," he admits.

HaHa and Ahn Hye Kyung decided to split up after dating for 5 years. They split last November 2009.

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