August 18, 2012

Lee Min Ho Denied That He Is a Playboy

Handsome face, stunning acting, and do not have a girlfriend. Nothing wrong with a lot of people have thought Kpop idolLee Min Ho is a playboy. But, he was denied it.

Last, Lee Min Ho is known to have special relationships with co-star in City Hunter, Park Min Young. But both are rumored to have been broken.

Besides regarded as a playboy, Lee Min Ho also mentioned as a drinker. He drank a lot of strong alcoholic beverages. Min Ho's opinion?

"Actually I can not drink a lot. I also chose to stay home rather than out. If I'm close to someone, they would say I'm different from my image," says Min Ho told Soompi, Thursday (16/08/2012).

For Lee Min Ho, these things become strengths. He was glad because he was considered as a different person with him ​​in the real world.

Lee Min Ho Denied That He Is a Playboy

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