August 4, 2012

SM Town Concert Tickets Jakarta Indonesia

Kpop idol, SM Town concert tickets sold at the cheapest price of Rp 500 thousand. Tickets are divided into five classes. The most expensive is the VIP with numbered seats. The price is Rp 2.5 million. While the Tribune 3 with no number seats is the cheapest. Sold for Rp 500 thousand.

"Public Ticket Sale Announced will be next week. Official online ticket sale will be from," quoted from the official Twitter account W Productions, Thursday (08/02/2012).

However, sales of pre-sale ticket allegedly will be started at 11 August.

Here are details of ticket prices SM Town Concert Jakarta, Indonesia:

  • Tribune 3 (free seating): Rp 500 thousand
  • Tribune 2 (free seating): Rp 800 thousand
  • Tribune 1 (free seating): Rp1.1 million
  • Festival: Rp 1.4 million
  • VIP (numbered seating): Rp 2.5 million

SM Town Concert Tickets Jakarta Indonesia

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