January 26, 2013

HaHa: "Byul Has Been 3 Months Pregnant"

Kpop idol HaHa and Byul were married on 30 November. HaHa now happy to announce the news. Byul has been 3 months pregnant.

HaHa and Byul country lawfully married in October 2012. They then held a wedding ceremony a month later. Since getting married in the state, kpop idol HaHa and Byul has been live at home.

"Everybody! Give us congratulations! I will be a father!" HaHa wrote via his personal Twitter account on Friday (01/25/2013).

HaHa and Byul has been know the pregnancy for a long time. However HaHa restraint not tell anyone. Then, because of HaHa and Byul have short stature, HaHa also have a special dream for his child.

"They said we had to wait until the baby was healthy, so I shut my mouth! Baby was very healthy. Would you go pray for his height? Thank you. Now I'll go for a walk," he concluded. (AllKpop)

HaHa: "Byul Has Been 3 Months Pregnant"

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