January 29, 2013

Sunye Wonder Girls Threatened 1 Year Jail?

Kpop idol, Wonder Girls leader Sunye into the spotlight after her wedding. Because after the wedding finished, she came home in a car with a license plate covered.

Car number plate was covered with a cloth that reads 'James <3 Seonye Blessings & Love in Jesus'. The car was a decorated wedding car loans including flowers at side.

But the license plate cover is illegal in Korea. The penalty is a year in jail or a fine of KRW 3 million.

But, do not worry. Because the car was only used for wedding, kpop idol Sunye does not seem to be subject to penalties or fines. Sunye immediately apologized.

"I received the car in the dark and a lot has happened so I did not realize the plates covered. I'm so sorry I could check it out. Bridal car it just for the wedding day, we borrow it from someone," said kpop idol Sunye. (Allkpop)

Sunye Wonder Girls Threatened 1 Year Jail?

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