February 8, 2013

G.Na Sad to be Accused Do Surgery to Enlarge Breasts
Kpop idol, G.Na has breast larger than average. Was accused surgery for breast enlargement, G.Na was sad.

According kpop idol G.Na, breast surgery always recommended by search engine on the internet if you're looking for her name. It proves that people do not believe that she has the original breast.

"When I look for my name, the phrase 'G.Na Enlarge Breasts' always comes up. I'm sad because it's very unfair," she said during a guest star 'Radio Star', on Friday (08/02/2013).

According G.Na, her breast is 100% authentic. She does have ancestry from her mother and grandmother who also had large breasts without surgery.

"People make false and suspicious rumors about me going to the clinic and had breast surgery. But that's not true. All the women in my family have big breasts naturally. Neither of them, including my grandmother and my aunt breast enlargement surgery," she concluded. (Soompi)

G.Na Sad to be Accused Do Surgery to Enlarge Breasts

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