February 1, 2013

These 5 Beautiful Kpop Girls Were Nerd At School

Kpop filled with beautiful girls. But who would have thought, the beautiful idols were ever seen nerd while still in school. Here are nerd photos of them while still in school.

1. UEE - After School
This is the photo of kpop idol UEE upon graduation from junior high school. Her eyes look more narrow than now. UEE was admitted to plastic surgery is only for the eyes.


2. Nana - After School
This is the face of personnel After School, Nana at the junior high school graduation. Nana's eyes look very narrow compared to now. Nana is now very pretty with tall and slim body like a barbie.

3. Jiyeon - T-Ara
Personnel T-ara, Jiyeon looks a little different now. Maybe at school, kpop idol Jiyeon was not wearing thick eyeliner.

4. Jaekyung - Rainbow
The beautiful Jaekyung 'Rainbow' now is a fashionista. But who would have thought, when school kpop idol Jaekyung looked nerd and simple with modest hair and face without makeup.

5. Ga In - Brown Eyed Girls
Kpop idol Ga In's nerd face if she does not wear make up. Until now, Ga In still have narrow eyes like this so she dependence on the thick eyeliner eye framing. (detikhot)

These 5 Beautiful Kpop Girls Were Nerd At School

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