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The Reason Why Kpop Idols Do Not Have Boyfriend or Girlfriend


There are several reasons that make the Kpop idols avoid dating. The first is indeed prohibited by the respective agencies. The reason is clear, so that they can focus on their careers and undivided attention on other things. As YG Entertainment, which has an unwritten rule about 2NE1 members must not have a boyfriend.

But the truth without getting banned even the idols whose average age teens to 30 years would not have time for dating. The reason is because quite a hectic schedule. It is recognized directly by T-ara personnel, Jiyeon. T-ara known as a super busy group that's hard to find time to rest.

"T-ara did not have restriction to have dating. But no time given. Everyday is full day schedule," said Jiyeon in a television program some time ago.

Besides the issue of time and rules, there is one more reason that makes kpop idols had never had a boyfriend. That is encouraging for fans. Not a few fans were gutted with disappointment the idol has a girlfriend. Especially if their idol is a man, usually the lover so angry at the fans because they feel their property has been seized.

Not only that, in Kpop, there is a the term "betray the fans" for the idol who has a boyfriend. They also must be prepared to lose a lot of fans and led to the decline in album sales. Examples Se7en who lost 100 thousand members on the official website after he announced courtship with Park Han Byul 7 years old.

The Reason Why Kpop Idols Do Not Have Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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