November 3, 2013

Heechul SuJu: "HyunA is the Idol for All Kpop Boyband Members"

All Kpop boyband members like HyunA

On 'Ssul Jeon', kpop idol Heechul 'SuJu' reveal the secret of a member of 4Minute, HyunA.

"All Kpop boyband members like HyunA," said Heechul. He also mentions the phenomenon as 'HyunA Syndrome' (Oct 31th, 2013).

According to him, the male Kpop idols would be excited if HyunA performed on music shows. None of them want to miss HyunA appearance on stage.

"If you come to rehearsal music events, the male Kpop idols definitely waiting HyunA appearance. They are even willing to get out of bed to see HyunA," Heechul added. (soompi)

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