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5 Newcomer Kpop Groups in 2012

In 2011 there were 62 groups performing in the world of Korean music. In 2012, it is estimated will be a lot boyband and girlband who are ready to be a newcomer to the world of kpop. Who are they?

1. EXO-K and EXO-M

SM Entertainment boyband SHINee's final orbit four years ago. This time they are ready to orbit EXO is divided into two groups, EXO-K and EXO-M to be actively promoted simultaneously in Korea and China. Both will debut on the same day, at the same hour, and the same song.

Until recently, introducing 4 new SME personnel. Kai, complaint, Tao, and Chen. Yet unknown fourth will enter EXO-K or EXO-M.


Spica Kpop awaited by music lovers because it is one management with sexy diva Lee Hyori. Spica is a lot of input given by Hyori who have experienced personnel when a girlband Fin.KL

Spica personnel of which is Yang Jiwon which had nearly debut with Five Girls (Hyosung 'SECRET', UEE 'After School', Yubin 'Wonder Girls', and G-Na). Narae Park is also a finalist 'Superstar K' in 2009. Spica is ready to debut on January 10 with a single 'potently'.

3. Invicible Chung Dam

Invicible Chung Dam is certainly not his real name. But five of the seven prospective new boyband from Cube Entertainment is featured in the sitcom 'Living in Chungdamdong' as a group of trainees who named Invicible Chung Dam.

This group is proud of the Cube as a group who have foreign language skills and 2-3 personnel are able to write lyrics and rap. They also mentioned having a vocal quality and a good appearance. This group is ready to debut sometime in February.

4. B.A.P

BAP is an abbreviation of the Best, Absolute, and Perfect. Groups of up to 6 people this is the upbringing TS Entertainment, which also handles girlband SECRET.

BAP personnel Bang Yong Guk is contributing voice in the song 'Are You Crazy' belonging Jieun 'SECRET'. Zelo Himchan and had several appearances on variety shows. The remaining other personnel will be introduced through SBS-MTV 'Ta-Dah, It's BAP'.

5. Pledis Boys

Pledis Boys or known by the After School Boys began to be introduced since the mid of 2011 ago. However, their official name has not been determined until now. Pledis Boys scheduled to debut sometime in February.

All seven men have been emerged in the project Pledis Happy '2011 '. They also appeared on SBS 'Gayo Daejun' with a shuffle dance.

5 Newcomer Kpop Groups in 2012

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