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All About EXO-K


Kpop boyband idol, EXO is promoting their first album, MAMA. EXO Divided into EXO-K and EXO-M. EXO-K singing the songs in Korean and is active in Korea. Meanwhile, EXO-M singing the songs in China and actively promoted in China. This time, we will discuss about EXO-K.

Leader Suho has real name Kim Joon Myeon. The man who loved golf was born on May 22, 1991. Suho spent 6 years of training in SM Entertainment. "I always respect and love the EXO member. As a leader and a guard member, my name became Suho (Suho means the guard in Korean). I have started training since 2006, I became the longest trainee," he said.

suho exo-k

Baekhyun Hyun was born in the same year with his roommate Chanyeol, May 6, 1992. He was found by SM in his school gates in 2011. Baekhyun quite lucky because the training was the shortest. "My charms is the eye line. Eyelids were not visible. You can feel the charm of my eyeliner," said Baekhyun joked. "I am the man who combines the man aura with Hapkido and sensitivity to the piano," he added.

baekhyun exo-k

Park Chanyeol was born on 27 November 1992. He occupied the position as a rapper. Chanyeol is a model of 'Genie' SNSD video clip Japanese version. After the debut, many people watch the video clip to see Chanyeol. On YouTube, the comments in the SNSD video clip was also flooded by fans Chanyeol. "My charms is my voice that heavy and my teeth are tidy," he said with a laugh. "People around me called 'National Good Teeth'. I can play guitar, drums, bass, and jimbe. My specialty rap and acting," he explained.

chanyeol exo-k

Do Kyung Soo was born January 12, 1993. He was the lead singer in the EXO-K. Besides singing and the beat box, D.O. is also a hobby of cooking. Kai's roommate often cook for the members of EXO. "All I have is a charm for me. I was always sincere. I can cook well. There are some dishes that can be done in 3 minutes. I even developed a new menu like kimchi put in the pasta. There are also methods that serve food only when they are hungry , "says D.O.

d.o exo-k

His real name is Kim Jong In. Born on January 14, 1994. He plays as the main dancer. He therefore called dancing machine because of his dancing ability. Kai is also known to be close to Taemin 'SHINee'. "I am specialist of dance. Ballet, jazz, hiphop, popping, and many more. In EXO, I am a darkness. Only I have sexy brown skinned. That's probably why I always wear a sleeveless shirt," Kai said with a laugh.

kai exo-k

Maknae Oh Sehun born on 12 April 1994. He rooming with Suho leader. Sehun joined SM Entertainment for training while sitting in 6th grade. Kai Sehun often touted as the most handsome EXO personnel. "My biggest charm is the a cute maknae. contrast with Kai hyung, I have a milk-white skin. Because I was white, if we stand side by side we are often called Black & White," said Sehun.

sehun exo-k

All About EXO-K

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