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TOP Bigbang Undergo Surgery Because Had An Accident While Filming


The news about the Kpop idol Bigbang rapper, TOP had an accident while filming finally confirmed by the agency. TOP had an accident until rushed to the hospital.

It is not clear what kind of accident. But reportedly, TOP's hand was injured after doing a scene with a shard of glass in the film 'Alumni'. The wound was apparently very serious. So, kpop idol TOP Big Bang immediately rushed to the hospital and got a surgery.

"The wound is not small so we decided to surgery. Production company and the agency is now in a state of emergency," said a spokesman for YG Entertainment, Monday (09/24/2012).

Kpop idol TOP is still hospitalized. He have to rest for 2 or 3 weeks until his hands are completely healed. In fact, at the end of this week, TOP is scheduled to perform in Singapore for a Big Bang concert. He is also scheduled to be present in Jakarta on 12 and 13 October. (soompi)

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TOP Bigbang Undergo Surgery Because Had An Accident While Filming

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