September 24, 2012

Sunye Wonder Girls Denies Will Marry At End Of This Month

Kpop idol, Wonder Girls leader, Sunye reportedly will hold a wedding at the end of this month. But kpop idol Sunye Wonder Girls and agency JYP Entertainment denied it. Sunye revealed it through her personal Twitter account. Kpop idol Sunye not have any plans to get married because she still preoccupied with touring with the Wonder Girls.

"I say again to you, my wedding next month's news is not true. I know a lot of people praying for my relationship with the good words," wrote Sunye, Monday (24/09/2012).

"As I said when I first admitted my relationship, I felt compelled to share my life with you. I must tell when the time is right. Thank you for supporting me! Good night!" she continued.

Kpop idol Sunye apparently is not getting married in the near future. Moreover, she has decided to stay with her ​​husband in Haiti if married. "The rumors about the wedding is not true. Sunye currently has no plans to marry. The Wonder Girls were putting all their efforts to tour Asia," said a spokeswoman for the agency JYP Entertainment. (allkpop)

Wonder Girls Concert Jakarta 3 November 2012

Sunye Wonder Girls Denies Will Marry At End Of This Month

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