September 27, 2012

Taeyang Bigbang Is Preparing His Solo Album

Besides touring with Bigbang, Kpop idol Taeyang seems to only exist on Twitter and appeared in the video clip G-Dragon. But apparently, he is preparing new album.

Kpop idol, Taeyang present in the program Naver 'GD Friends Live'. He admitted that he is currently busy preparing for his new album.

"I thought people might think I do not have a job. Actually I'm very busy right now. I now work for my solo album," says Taeyang, Wednesday (26/09/2012).

However, the agency YG Entertainment apparently did not want to talk more about Taeyang's solo album. The album reportedly will be released after boyband kpop idolBigbang world tour.

"Now is not the time to discuss Taeyang's solo album. Currently Bigbang is busy touring the world so they are outside the country every weekend," said a spokeswoman for YG. (Soompi)

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Taeyang Bigbang Is Preparing His Solo Album

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