April 4, 2013

Tiffany SNSD And Her Red Lipstick

Red lipstick as of rarely used by the member Korean girlband. They prefer to use makeup with natural colors. But unlike Kpop idol, Tiffany Girls Generation (SNSD). She often is using bright red lipstick.

1. Red Carpet
Tiffany Girls Generation (SNSD) is using red lipstick as she walked in red carpet '20th High1 Seoul Music Awards'.

2. Photo Session
This one is special for Vogue magazine photo session. In this photo session, kpop idol Tiffany Girls Generation (SNSD) looks more mature.

3. Casual Style
With casual style, Tiffany still beautiful with her ​​red lipstick.

4. Airport Fashion
At the airport, Tiffany always looks beautiful with her ​​red lipstick.

5. Taeny
In High Cut magazine photo session, Tiffany pose with Taeyeon. Tiffany looks more striking with red lips while Taeyeon look so pale. (detikhot)

Tiffany SNSD And Her Red Lipstick

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