May 5, 2013

T-ARA N4 Released 40 Thousands Limited Edition Album

Kpop idol, sub-unit T-ara, T-ara N4 has debuted through the song Countryside Life in April. Now, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Ahreum released their limited mini album.
The mini album contains 5 tracks including 'Countryside Life'. Party agency, Core Contents Media (CCM) said they only released 40 thousand albums.

"Almost all of T-ara's album sold 70 thousand to 100 thousand copies. But, because this time they are sub-units, then we will produce only 40 thousand albums," the agency said on Friday (05/03/2013).

"T-ara N4's personnels also signed 100 copies of each, so in total there will be 400 album which will be signed," he continued.

400 Lucky fans who get the signed album will also who get special photo album from kpop idol, T-ara N4 when upload their photos with the album to the CCM website or Twitter. T-ara N4's debut album has sold today in South Korea. (Allkpop)

T-ARA N4 Released 40 Thousands Limited Edition Album

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