June 26, 2013

Yoseob BEAST Invites Fans to Learn History of Korea

Today is a historic day for the people of South Korea. On June 25th, 1950 a major war between South Korea and North Korea. Historic moment is what drives kpop idol, Yang Yoseob BEAST to invite fans via Instagram account to commemorate this day.

BEAST's Yoseob uploaded a Korean flag picture to his Instagram account, yysbeast, on Monday (24/6) and wrote long enough about the Korean War.

"I wanted to post a Taegeukgi (South Korean flag) as the 100th picture on my Instagram. As you know, tomorrow is the 25th of June and is a very sad day in the history of our country. I want to share knowledge about the Korean War to you," Yoseob wrote that immediately received more than 20 thousand favorites.

Singer born January 5, 1990 is then expressed a desire to learn the history of Korea. He continued, "Because of limited knowledge, I wrote very carefully about this war after checking the facts through a textbook that I bought a few days ago. Fact I also did a search on the internet many times. If something goes wrong, let me know yes! Let's learn Korean history together!"

kpop idol Yoseob also posted a picture of Korean flag that drawn by himself. He explained a bit about the meaning of the symbols in the flag. Yoseob might expect, the fans also want to learn about the history as well as the him. (tenasia)

Yoseob BEAST Invites Fans to Learn History of Korea

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