September 11, 2013

G-Dragon Proud Because Collaborate with Missy Elliott

Released his second album, Coup D'e Tat, kpop idol G-Dragon collaborated with one of the world famous rapper, Missy Elliott. The leader of Big Bang felt very proud to have the opportunity to duet with the senior American rapper.

Kpop idol G-Dragon revealed his feeling in a press conference at CAIS Gallery, Chungdam-dong, Seoul at the opening of the exhibition 'Space 8'. Not just about Missy Elliot, G-Dragon also shared his experience in collaborating with many musicians.

G-Dragon chose Missy Elliott because Missy is his idol. Kwon Jiyong, his real name, claimed incessantly asking Elliott to work with him.

When performing 'Niliria' for the first time on stage KCON, 2013, G-Dragon claimed learned a lot from the world rapper. "I feel proud to perform with her and learned a lot from her," said G-Dragon. (detikhot)

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