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The Super Show 4 Super Junior At Singapore

super junior - suju super show singapore
If you missed Kpop idol concert, Super Show 4 (SS4) Super Junior held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore on Saturday (18/02/2012) night, do not worry. Here's the review:

The concert starts at 6:18 p.m. pm. About 5 thousand spectators on average teenage girl was not looking forward to their idol immediately appear. Once the lights out, hysterical screams were heard in all directions. Concert arena filled with blue light coming from the Elf lightstick (SuJu's fan).

A video showing the faces of their names are also displayed on the giant screen. Once the idol is displayed, the scream was deafened. The song 'Superman' directly echoed.

The stage set up in such a way. SuJu Craine to lift personnel to be closer to his fans, also can go up and down the stage who were there in the middle. From around the middle stage, it appears a fountain. Wow ...

'Opera', 'Twin' and 'A Man in Love' sung in direct succession. 'Bonamana' which is their fourth album hits so heated in the first session.

SuJu went into the introductory session. One-one-9 personnel to the jazz concert SuJu give a speech.

"Singapore is hot but not because of the weather, but because of you," said Shindong.

"Which one of Singapore? Hong Kong? Malaysia? Japan? China? Indonesia? Ready craze together?" Leeteuk shouted end the introductory session.

Respect to Heechul
Heechul, one of SuJu's personnel are now being conscripted. He was not involved in the tour SS4. But that does not mean the status of personnel SuJu's Heechul as negligible. He persists in his physical voice and video on the giant screen. He was rap on the song 'Oops!' who also enlivened Sulli and Amber of f (X). Heechul is so played a part, other personnel stand erect and saluted.

Time to Solo Sessions
After Shindong finished having fun with the song "Walkin ', a solo session was held. One by one personnel SuJu's shine. Starting from Henry that no other personnel SuJu's M. He sings the songs sound the Bruno Mars 'Billionaire' and 'Lighters'.

Then turn Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Ryeowook chose to sing and dance to the song 'Moves Like Jagger''s Maroon 5. The action closed the dance action with sexy women. The leader Leeteuk opened the meeting by playing the saxophone. He pronounced the song by Kenny G, then busy with the grand piano and then sing the song 'She'.

Zhoumi, another SuJu's M personnel to sing a mellow song. Yesung is also a very intriguing when singing a love song super upset.

Siwon choose the band brought the 'Your Grace is enought' Donghae and Eunhyuk sertera duet on the song "Oppa Oppa '. After their coats really unique in this song.

Shindong Section Hyuna style
Shindong was not his name that did not make a fuss. Once arrived solo sessions, Shindong really look different. He became Hyuna. Shindong wearing long-haired wig and female clothes. He immediately sang the song 'Troublemaker' complete with movements Hyuna sexy style. He pushed the buttocks and winked at the audience. He then brought also the song 'Bubble Pop' Hyuna. Totally unexpected.

'A-Cha' fans riot breaks. Which directly be continued with the song 'Mr. Simple'. All sing and move along. Barrage the audience rewarded the song 'Don Don' and 'Storm'.

Sungmin Broken Heart
In SS4 opportunities in Singapore, Sungmin plans to find a boyfriend. Accompanied Leeteuk, he chose a girl from the front row at the festival stage.

Long-haired woman was invited up on stage. Sungmin also launched a petition to the girl fall in love. Unfortunately she was more like Kyuhyun. When Leeteuk asked him for a hug from behind, whom he likes, or Kyuhyun Sungmin, the girl's consistent with their idol. Sungmin also had a broken heart.

Attendance and nynyi together in the song 'Our Love'. Blue balloon emerges from the spectators packed the arena Concert and festivals. The concert was almost finished. But it has not quite got there. They play a role again that as a kid in the song "Do Re Mi Fa '.

Ahead of the Concert ends, the song 'Sorry Sorry' was sung. All the back swing, giving fans the SuJu's service personnel in all corners of the audience.

'Miracle' and 'Destiny' close encounter them. After the concert, they did not immediately leave, thank them endlessly give. Again they surround the stage and waved to all the spectators.

Total SuJu's brought about 40 songs, songlist they are almost the same as SS4 conducted in Seoul. The concert lasted almost an hour. Exactly 3 hours 42 minutes. Long concert that was never enough to satisfy their lover.

The Super Show 4 Super Junior At Singapore

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