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C-Clown Reveals Secrets When Still In The Trainee

No longer appeared on Korean television, boyband kpop idol C-Clown admitted regretting schedule a campaign song 'Shaking Heart' is so short. Not only that, in a recent interview, Rome cs also reveal their secrets when still a trainee.

"Before debut, we had a scheduled exercise in the gym every day. Currently we are exercising rarely use clothes. Kangjun is a member of the noisiest in the gym at the time," said Rome, leader kpop idol C-Clown. The former b-boy added, "Not only noisy, Kangjun also likes running around in the gym with no clothes and only use the short pants."

Kangjun also elected a member messiest among others.

When asked about their desire a career in the world of entertainment in addition to being a singer, the members gave different answers. T.K and Ray wanted to stay on the path of music. T.K chose to become a producer while Ray wants to be a songwriter.

"I wanted to study acting and become a better actor," said Kangjun who began his acting debut starring in the music video version of the C-Clown drama entitled 'Far Away Young Love'. In the video, Kangjun is a major player.

The other three members, Rome chose to become a director and screenwriter. Siwoo and Maru reveal a more general dream is to be a versatile artist in variety shows.

Rome, Kangjun, Siwoo, Ray, Maru and T.K under Yedang Entertainment debut in 2012. Last April, they promote their third mini album with the hits singles 'Shaking Heart' which was ranked first Korean Gaon Album Chart. (soompi)

C-Clown Reveals Secrets When Still In The Trainee

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