September 19, 2012

SM Town Concert Promises Different Performance for Jakarta

Source : detikhot
Kpop idol, SM Town concert in Jakarta is ready to be held on 22 September. Concert SM Town Live World Tour III Jakarta also promises a different performance than previous concerts.

Until now, the promoter W Productions and MP Enter can not ensure total songs to be sung. The concert will lasted for about 4 hours starting at 18:30 pm.

"Every artist (SM Town kpop idol) is not sure how many song to sing because there are definitely some songs with collaborations," said Managing Director of W Productions Sean Sudwikatmono in Pavilion Duo, Pacific Place, South Jakarta, Tuesday (09/18/2012).

Although the concept is mostly similar with SM Town concert in another country, there must be a different performance and specials exclusively for audiences in Jakarta.

"There are something special and different from the Super Show or Girls Generation Tour. As I know, every performance would be different in each country. For example, what is made in Seoul must be different with here," said Sean. (detikhot)

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SM Town Concert Promises Different Performance for Jakarta

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