September 26, 2013

Kris 'EXO' Still Wants to be a Basketball Player

"If I had to live a normal guy I would be a basketball player."

Before joined, and made ​​his debut under the name EXO along with 11 other members, kpop idol Kris EXO apparently wants to be a basketball player.

In an interview with IZE, Kris revealed his desire. If he is given the opportunity to run a normal life and not be an artist, basketball player is to be chosen.

"If I had to live a normal guy I would be a basketball player," Kris EXO said as quoted exok-trans, Thursday (9/26/13).

Nevertheless, kpop idol Kris EXO already feel comfortable with activities now. According to him, it's fair to leave his dream of becoming a basketball player when compared with his fight in the entertainment.

"I came to Korea five years ago as a trainee and practiced hard. Sure I would be very sad if i suddenly lost my job as an entertainer," he concluded.
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