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Here is The Difference Between Girls Generation (SNSD) and TaeTiSeo

Kpop idol, Girls Generation (SNSD) is currently busy with individual activities. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun form a trio called TaeTiSeo. So, what's the difference between SNSD and TaeTiSeo?

According to the leader Taeyeon, the difference lies in the focus appearance. SNSD is more concerned with dancing while TaeTiSeo focus on vocals.

"At SNSD, our dances are an important factor, but at TaeTiSeo, vocal is more important than the dance. It is a significant point that makes them different," said Taeyeon, Monday (07/05/2012).

Taeyeon also stated that they worked very hard at TaeTiSeo. "We as TaeTiSeo, worked very hard with confidence. But there are different energy because usually we have nine people on stage. Now only 3. And therefore, our waiting room to be smaller!" she concluded.

Here is The Difference Between Girls Generation (SNSD) and TaeTiSeo

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