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B.A.P's Photos At The School Period (Student)


Long before do their activities as kpop idol, all B.A.P's members certainly ever spent time as a school student. How are the photos of the B.A.P's members in their school years?

Kpop idol Kim Himchan looks unique. With white uniforms, Himchan arching his hand on his waist and smiling. His hair style is also much different now.


Moon Jongup was born February 6, 1995 and plays as a dancer and vocalist in the B.A.P. Kpop idol Jongup looks plain and skinny when wearing a school uniform. Very much different from the handsome and muscular condition at this time.

Yoo Youngjae wearing a gray suit, vest, and shirt in his school photo. With black hair bangs, former JYP Entertainment trainee looks calm. Since childhood, kpop idol Youngjae who likes listening to music, sleeping, and eating meat had a motto, "Starting is half the battle".


Looks innocent and cute glasses. Shown with a black vest and long-sleeved shirts buttoned up to the neck, you would not recognize it if you see kpop idol Daehyun now.


Looks shy, kpop idol Yongguk truly astounding fans because of his looks is very different. Using a red vest, long-sleeved white shirt and black tie, Yongguk awkward in the photo.


Zelo seen covering part of his face with a hat in a school photograph that circulated on the Internet. In the photo, kpop idol Zelo stands along with Youngmin and Kwangmin of Boyfriend and Minhyun group 'NU'EST'. (detikhot)


B.A.P's Photos At The School Period (Student)

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