November 25, 2012

Photos of Kang Sora When Fat

Kpop idol actress, Kang Sora known for her slim body. Who would have thought when she was school, Kang Sora had overweight.

Photos of Kang Sora circulated at a Kpop forum entitled 'Shocking Pictures of Kang Sora'. In the photo, kpop idol Kang Sora who is now 22 years old still in high school.

Kang Sora is much different from the current one. Her body was fat with chubby cheeks. Besides, Sora is also wearing glasses.

Kang Sora was previously claimed to make drastic changes in order to be an artist. At that time the mother doubted the star of 'Dream High 2' it could be an actress with the body fat.

"My mother did not think I could be an actress, and it's time for me to decide to change," said Kang Sora in program 'Strong Heart' some time ago. What do you think? (Detikhot)

Photos of Kang Sora When Fat

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