July 1, 2013

Junsu's Mother Told Stories About the Past

Not only Xia Junsu's JYJ which is famous, but Yoon Young Mi, Junsu's mother also famous among fans of kpop idol JYJ. Recently, kpop idol Junsu build a mansion for his mother that had been repeatedly covered by the media.

Through a special interview with Housewife Living magazine, reported Enews World, Junsu's mother talked about a lot of things. At home with complete facilities like a karaoke room, a computer room, and the bar, Young Mi talked about Junsu's female fans which is often called her 'Eomeoni' (call to a prospective mother-in-law).

"Every time they call me eomeoni, I consider them like my own daughter. Many of them that I wish could be in-law," she said. Yoon Mi indeed often communicates with kpop idol Junsu's fans through her Twitter account.

"They usually come to me and say they like Junsu. I feel happy and very grateful," said Yoon Young Mi and then pray for the fans stay healthy and happy.

Not only about the fans, Yoon Mi also tells about how live with Junsu and his twin brother lived before this. She admitted that their previous life is very difficult.

"We live in a room and do not have a bathroom. I feel like a failure as a mother and always crying. Junsu came to me one day and said, when we grow up we will be a great person and will be able to buy a house that looks like a painting," Yoon Mi story.

She continued, "We signed a contract of this house before Junsu left TVXQ and he was very disappointed at the time because was not able to keep his promise. But after he completed the musical artist and doing activities again, he really kept his promise."

Junsu's Mother Told Stories About the Past

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