July 15, 2013

EXO Released Wolf Drama Version Music Video

After being delayed more than one month, SM Entertainment has finally released the official music video of kpop idol EXO, Wolf for drama version. SM was released two versions of the Wolf music video, the dance version that was released on May 30 and the drama version which released today.
Watch the music video of EXO 'Wolf' (Drama Version)

In the music video, Luhan and Kris apparently lined up to be the main role. The video begins with scenes of farewell Kris and Luhan who seemed as best friend.

Luhan described as having special power that made ​​him a target of the gangsters to be recruited their members. When being chased by gangsters members, Luhan accidentally met a girl (Yoon Sohee).

Sohee inadvertently find out that Luhan has a special power to see that logo glowing in his hand. Because of fear his secret uncovered, Luhan fled.

Luhan arrived the next day at his new school and meet with the other kpop idol EXO members in one class. Unexpectedly, Sohee also in the classroom. Together with the other EXO members, Luhan got into a fight with the gangsters.

EXO Released Wolf Drama Version Music Video

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