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Girls Generation Jakarta Concert Ticket Sale Start at Rp 600 Thousands

Kpop girlband, Girls Generation / SNSD will hold a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on 14 September 2013. Concert tickets are priced starts from Rp 600 thousands.

Through promoter Dyandra Entertainment on Twitter (08/06/2013), the concert 2013 Girls Generation World Tour - Girls & Peace - In Jakarta is divided into six classes. Green Class, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Red, and Premium Red.

Green Class A, B, C are sold at a price of Rp 600 thousands. While the most expensive is the class Premium Red is sold at Rp 2.5 million, which is very close to the stage.

"All seats are numbered except Pink because it's free standing," said Ebby, promoter representative.

The concert tickets which will be held at Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS), Ancol, North Jakarta will be sold after the Eid. (detikhot)

Girls Generation / SNSD concert ticket prices in Jakarta:
  • Premium Red: Rp 2.5 million
  • Red: Rp 2.2 million
  • Pink A & B: Rp 1.75 million
  • Yellow A, B, C: Rp 1.5 million
  • Purple: Rp 1 million
  • Green A, B, C: Rp 600 thousand

Jakarta Girls Generation Concert Ticket

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